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How it works

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To view the details of members in this platform first register to get your member account. If you don’t get a registration confirmation email check your spam folder.

2. Become Verified

Request for verification using your member account after taking the first 4 sessions of the free Dating (Marriage) Prep 101 course. Only verified members are invited to Twapata events.

3. Network

Engage with other members or get invited to verified members only events through your member account. If you need a personal consultation with our moderators contact us.

In Twapata we believe that trustworthy and joyful relationships are possible. Our activities provide single professionals with opportunities to discuss dating dos and don’ts and meet potential spouses.

Our activities are based on Christian values but are also appropriate for non-Christians. The activities are facilitated by experienced professional couples supported by volunteer young professional singles.

Twapata activities are meant for singles aged 23 years and above. Activities are organised to cater for the different age group of members. Attending activities increases your chances to meet and network with other similar minded single professionals.

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The Office : Suite 1101, Applewood Adams, Ngong Road, Nairobi, Kenya

Phone number : +254792770727