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What We Do

Twapata provides single professionals, at least 24 years old, with opportunities to learn, network and build trustworthy relationships under the mentorship of experienced couples.

Attending the physical networking events increases the chances to meet other singles with similar values.

How it works

1. Be Registered

To protect your privacy, use a nickname and an avatar to create your account as you register to be a member.

If you don’t get the registration confirmation email check for it in your email spam folder. We do not share or sell your data.

2. Be Verified

From your account, request for verification after listening to at least the first 4 sessions of this free course.

From your account, invite any other verified member for an online or physical discussion meeting on any course session.

3. Be Networked

Twapata networking events are for members who have had at least one discussion meeting with another verified member.

Contact us to receive an invite to our next members’ only event or to book an appointment with one of our mentors.

Our Lead Mentors

Contact Us

The Office : Suite 1101, Applewood Adams, Ngong Road, Nairobi, Kenya

Phone number : +254792770727