What We Do

Twapata Mediatrix Services provides single professionals, aged at least 24 years, with opportunities to learn, network and build trustworthy relationships by organizing physical meetups and activities in a relaxed environment.

How it works

1. Be Registered

To protect your privacy, use a nickname and an avatar to create your account as you register to be a member.

If you don’t get the registration confirmation email check for it in your email spam folder.

2. Be Verified

From your account invite any verified member for a virtual or physical meetup to discuss any of the first 4 sessions of the free online course.

After 2 meetups with two different members request for verification.

3. Be Networked

Twapata physical networking meetups are reserved for verified members only and are by invitation.

Contact us to propose a meetup based on your preferences or to book an individual appointment with one of our mentors.

Our Lead Mentors

Contact Us

The Office : Suite 1101, Applewood Adams, Ngong Road, Nairobi, Kenya

Phone number : +254792770727