Twapata Values-Based Relationships Course (for singles)

3 steps to a Strong relationship

  1. Empower yourself by watching the selected relationship videos below
  2. Evaluate your relationship preferences and values in a one-to-one meeting with us
  3. Connect with people having similar values by becoming a member of Twapata Alumni Connect platform

Now get started.

  1. 1. Watch each video and reflect on how it can help you build strong relationships.
  1. Video 1: How to build healthy relationships
    1. Speaker: Dr. John Van Epp – Follow Your Heart without Losing your Mind
  1. Video  2: Qualities of a potential good spouse
    1. Speakers: Casey and Meygan: 4 Qualities to Look for in a Future Partner
  1. Video 3: Signs of a bad relationship
    1. Speakers. Dr. Tracey Marks: How to Recognize a Toxic Relationship
  1. Video 4: When to quit a bad relationship
    1. Video: Brendon Burchard: When to Quit on Someone (or Leave a Bad Relationship!)
  1. Video 5: How to get a date worth keeping
    1. Video: Dr. Henry Cloud; How To Get A Date As A Christian Single
  1. 2. Meet with Drs (Mr&Mrs) Edward & Lucy Mungai  or Twapata Team
  1. Translate the content in the videos to common relationship situations.
  2. Clarify any questions you may have on the content of the videos
  3. Understand the process and benefits of joining the Twapata Alumni Connect

3. Become a Member of  Twapata Alumni Connect Online platform

  1. Membership is restricted to people who have gone through steps 1 & 2 above
  2. Meet with other members either face to face or online, one on one or in groups, organize activities (online or outdoors), etc.
  3. Organize your own groups, meetings and events  with other alumni members

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Start the journey to building strong values based relationships now.

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