Twapata Foundations Course 2

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The primary goal of this course is to prepare you in two main aspects of any long lasting personal and professional relationships; net-worth and network.

Part 1 of the course covers issues related to personal finance helping you to grow your net-worth.

Part 2 of the course covers issues related to relationships helping you to develop trustworthy relationships with your network.

After completing the course you will qualify to attend the Twapata Mix Events where you meet other professionals who have completed the course.

Main Features

  • Listen to short and well selected videos
  • After each video, test your understanding by answering a few questions
  • Reflect to apply the knowledge gained to yourself and your relationships
  • Get more in-depth knowledge from the provided free online references.
  • Review  and if interested buy the books available our shop
  • Register to attend  Twapata Mix Events

What is the target audience?

  • The online course is ideal for the young at heart irrespective of age. but the content is especially relevant for professional aged 24 years and over
  • The course is also ideal for mature persons who are single  but wish to meet and mingle with  other singles  want to establish a trustworthy relationship.
  • To cater for different age groups and separate Twapata Mix events are organized for interested single professionals who complete the course.

Understanding saving money personal finance 101 personal finance basics and fundamentals

Finance Part One


Here's What It Takes To Achieve Your Financial Goal Waithaka Gatumia - CEO  Centonomy Ltd


What to do with your money in 2022 Pius Muchiri who is the CEO Nabo Capital gives insightful finance and investment advice for 2022.

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Twapata Foundations Course 2
4 out of 5
6 reviews