Twapata: Wise Dating and Nexus Platform

How it works

1. Prepare for Wise Dating

Register to become a member and take the free Marriage Prep 101 Course. Registered members are sent information about upcoming events.

2. Attend Members Events

All members are invited to online events. After attending at least 4 online events a member can apply to become a verified member. Only verified members can attend the physical events.

3. Network with Members

Start making friends and dating with other members in our nexus platform. Verified members have a blue stick on their platform profile

In Twapata we believe that trustworthy and joyful relationships are possible before and during marriage life. Our activities provide single professionals with opportunities to prepare for marriage and meet potential spouses.

Our activities are based on Christian values but are also appropriate for non-Christians. The activities are facilitated by experienced professional couples supported by volunteer single young professionals.
Twapata activities are meant for singles aged between 23 and 35 years. Persons outside this age bracket are encouraged to contact us for alternative activities.

Twapata Events Calendar 2023

Day Date Type Time Location Invited
Tuesday March 6th 2023 Virtual 8pm Online All Members
Tuesday April 3rd 2023 Virtual 8pm Online All Members
Sunday April 30th 2023 Physical Half-Day Nairobi Verified Members
Tuesday May 9th 2023 Virtual 8pm Online All Members
Tuesday June 6th 2023 Virtual 8pm Online All Members
Sunday July 30th 2023 Physical Half-Day Nairobi Verified Members
Tuesday August 08 2023 Virtual 8pm Online All Members
Tuesday Sept 05 2023 Virtual 8pm Online All Members
Friday Oct 20th 2023 Physical Half-Day Nairobi Verified Members
Sunday Dec 3rd 2023 Physical Half-DayNairobi Verified Members

Registration details are sent to all members via their email address. For more information or inquiries send email to or contact us